DVD Review: Primeval Volume 2

Primeval Volume 2

Primeval Volume 2

Following the shocking death of Stephen, who gave his life to save Nick, the team is down in spirits and numbers. Captain Becker joins the team as security when they investigate an anomaly sighting at a London museum. From that adventure, Egyptologist Sarah Page also joins the team. Throughout season the team goes through several major changes, including an administration shake-up and the addition of policeman Danny Quinn who worms his way onto the team as well.

This is packaged a bit strange, as “Volume 2” is actually the 3rd season of Primeval The first seasons of Primeval were more episodic; whereas, the 3rd is more serial. It definitely helped to watch each episode in order. While the team still goes off to investigate anomalies in each chapter, the overall mission is to stop Helen from ending humanity. This season seemed to have much more suspense and danger than the last, as now it seems that no one is safe from death. Which means, this season was also a bit darker and ominous. Connor is just as quirky as ever, leading to some humorous moments along the way. And Connor and Abby’s relationship finally heats up.

This season brought back Douglas Henshall as Nick Carter for a few episodes. But he was replaced by Jason Flemyng’s Danny Quinn as leader of the team eventually. Andrew-Lee Potts returned as Connor, the goofy but brilliant paleontologist. And Hannah Spearritt’s Abby was back as the spunky zoologist with a big heart for all creatures that come through the anomalies. Egyptologist Sarah Page is played by Laila Rouass, who’s role is never well-defined. Ben Mansfield as Captain Becker was quiet, but always ready to step up and protect the team from danger. And Juliet Aubrey made several appearances as the villainous Helen again.

Unfortunately, this was the final season, as it was cancelled soon after the cliffhanger ending where Helen tries to end the evolution of man. But it was a wonderfully, exciting season that I loved even more than the previous.

Bonus Features Include:
– Two exclusive behind-the-scenes documentaries: Cutter’s Odyssey and Genesis of a Creature
– Audio Commentary

Primeval Volume 2 was release on DVD on September 15th.

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