Book Review: Rogue Angel: Seeker’s Curse

Rogue Angel: Seeker's Curse

Rogue Angel: Seeker’s Curse, by “Alex Archer”

Annja Creed is a part-time archeologist, part-time tv host of Chasing History’s Monsters, and full-time adventurer.

When Annja is hired by the Japan Buddhist Federation to track down several shrines in Nepal, she attracts the attention of Maoist guerrillas. With the help of an attractive policeman, Annja tries to pass the Buddhist “tests” in order to find a sacred shrine before her pursuers.

This is another exciting installment in the Rogue Angel series. Though, the plot is light and characters shallow. There isn’t a lot of relevant history regarding actual archeology. And there’s little-to-no mention of actual relics or antiquities. But for pure action and adventure, Seeker’s Curse was a nice mindless-romp through the Himalayas with a kick-butt heroine. Annja is a fantastic character. This series always makes it to the top of my reading pile.

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