Evil Ways

Evil Ways

Evil Ways, by Justin Gustainis

In this sequel to Black Magic Woman, Quincey Morris must once again search for killers involved in black magic. When Libby Chastain is attacked in her own home, she and Quincey soon discover that other white witches across the country are being killed. And the FBI is investigating another child killer. Both trails lead back to an extremely powerful man with extremely evil plans.

Evil Ways is very fast-paced, and jumps around many characters and their stories. This makes is a bit hard to keep track at first. But after a couple chapters, it becomes apparent who the main characters are. Then flow of the story is easier to follow.

I found this installment considerably more exciting than the first, with even more powerful bad guys and dire situations. The adventure leads to a thrilling showdown. And Gustainis even gives a nod to Chicago’s famous, resident wizard. Quincey isn’t a wizard, but has some powerful friends and a great knowledge of things that go bump in the night.

Quincey Morris Supernatural Investigation is a fun new dark, urban fantasy series. Quicney is a unique character; and I hope to see more of his personal life and backstory in upcoming releases.

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  1. I really enjoyed BLACK MAGIC WOMAN & EVIL WAYS, and I’m thrilled to discover a new urban fantasy writer I really like. I look forward to the next book!

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