Fantasy Book Review: Allies & Assassins

Allies & Assassins by Justin Somper

Prince Anders, the ruler of Archenfield, has been murdered, leaving his younger brother, Jared, to ascend the throne. Sixteen-year-old Jared feels unprepared to rule the kingdom and its powerful and dangerous court, yet he knows he can rely on the twelve officers of the court to advise him. He also knows he can just as easily be at their mercy-especially when it appears that one of them may be responsible for his brother’s death. Unable to trust anyone, Jared takes it upon himself to hunt down his brother’s killer-but the killer may be hunting him, as well.

Prince Anders is a wise young man who’s suddenly put in a position for which he doesn’t believe he’s ready. Unable to properly mourn his brother’s passing, Prince Anders must quickly find his brother’s assassin before he or she strikes again as well as keep the peace in his land.

Allies & Assassins is first in a new young adult series from the author of the popular Vampirates series. I had high hopes for this new series as I was a big fan of Vampirates. And I am happy to say I wasn’t disappointed. This new land Somper has created is a fascinating Princedom with fragile alliances and full of exciting intrigue. This first installment is a fast-paced adventure with mystery, suspense, and interesting characters. I look forward to more stories to come and learning more about this new, fascinating land.