Fantasy Book Review: Witches In Red

Witches In Red by Barb Hendee

Céline and Amelie Fawe can see into anyone’s past and future simply by touching him. They have used their powers to secure sanctuary—and a fine apothecary’s shop—in the village around Castle Sèone. But their continued safety has a price.

Far to the north, the men of an isolated silver mining community are turning into vicious “beasts” that slaughter anyone in sight. The mines belong to the noble family of Prince Anton—ruler of Castle Sèone and Céline and Amelie’s patron—and Anton’s tyrannical father has ordered his son to solve the mystery as a test of his leadership. He has no choice but to send the witches into the perilous north to use their abilities to discover the cause of the transformations. Given how much they owe the prince, the sisters have no choice but to go.

Together with the overprotective Lieutenant Jaromir, Célene and Amelie enter the dark world of a far-off mining camp tainted by fear, mistrust, and enslavement—and haunted by men turning into massive mad wolves without warning. Now the two must draw upon strength and cunning they never thought they possessed not only to solve the mystery, but to survive.

Célene and Amelie are hired by their prince to solve a mystery for him to impress his father. Célene can see a person’s future. And Amelie can see their past. Together they for a perfect team for solving mysteries.

Witches In Red is the sequel to last year’s Mist-Torn Witches, though is a standalone story. I’m thoroughly enjoying this new fantasy series with complex characters and relationships and interesting stories. As before, there is plenty of suspense, danger, intrigue, and a bit of romance. Barb Hendee’s novels are not to be missed if you’re a fan of the fantasy genre. I can say this as I’ve read all of them (and reviewed most). This latest installment was just as exciting and unpredictable as I’d hoped. And I impatiently look forward to the next.

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