Fantasy Book Review: Cold Days

Cold Days by Jim Butcher

After a near death experience, Harry Dresden finds himself the new Winter Knight to the ruthless Queen Mab. Now Harry is no longer just a wizard, but has the power of Winter as well. But along with this new power comes new temptation. And Harry needs all of his might to hold onto his free will. Unfortunately, Mab’s first order is to kill an immortal. Meanwhile, an island of magic is coming under attack that could lead to the destruction of everything Harry knows.

This is the 14th installment in the wildly popular Dresden Files. Fans will be glad to see Harry’s return to the living, yet he has certainly changed. Harry is constantly fighting back a darkness within. And during his absence, his friends have changed as well.

As always, the odds are against Harry and the situation is grim. And there is always someone waiting around the corner to take a shot at him – some new faces and some old. But Harry always has a quick comeback, never letting his situation dull his humor. I enjoyed his reference to Spider-Man, because his wit in the face of danger is very similar. This latest installment is longer than previous ones, but just as fast-paced and action-packed. Full of magic, monsters, mystery, and mayhem – Cold Days is a must-read.

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