Fantasy Book Review: Dead Letter Day

Dead Letter Day by Eileen Rendahl

Melina Markowitz, messenger for the underworld, delivers the goods for the supernatural beings in our midst—no questions asked. It’s more than a job; it’s a mission. Safety be damned.

Melina’s missing friend, Paul, could just be taking a little werewolf “me time,” but her investigation yields something more sinister. Suspicions first fall on Paul’s wolf-pack rival. But that wouldn’t explain the sudden windstorms rattling Melina’s nerves—or the ominous, shrieking crows that keep appearing.

The clues lead Melina to a mermaid, a damaged and possibly deranged police officer and patterns for Norwegian doilies—finally bringing her to the realization that she may be dealing with the most powerful enemy she has ever faced.

Melina is a messenger for the supernatural, but dabbles as a detective when no one seems to know where her friend Paul is. Meanwhile, Melina makes a startling discovery that will change her life forever.

Dead Letter Day is the third novel in Messenger series, but is wholly standalone. I haven’t read the previous novels, but had no problem jumping into the story and catching up in the relationships. Though, I would have liked more explanation about Melina’s job and how it works. There were a lot of fun and unique characters. And the story is fast-paced and full of adventure, mystery, romance, and magic. This is a fun and engaging series that I wouldn’t mind following in future installments.

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