Fantasy Book Review: The Cup and the Crown

The Cup and the Crown by Diane Stanley

Night after night, Molly has visions of a beautiful goblet: one of her grandfather’s loving cups, which he filled with magic that bound people together. So it hardly surprises Molly when handsome King Alaric asks her to find a loving cup to help him win the heart of the beautiful Princess of Cortova.

As Molly and her friends Winifred and Tobias journey far beyond the safe borders of Westria, a mysterious raven appears to guide their quest. It leads them through the rugged northlands and through the mountains to the hidden city of Harrowsgode. Molly discovers that although it’s difficult to enter the city, it’s even harder to leave. With the help of Tobias, a rat catcher named Richard, and her clever and devoted raven, Molly gains her own freedom in a most unexpected way and changes the city of Harrowsgode forever.

Picking up not too long after the events in The Silver Bowl, Molly is now a Lady and sets out for parts unknown along with Tobias and a few others to find a loving cup made by her grandfather. Their journey soon takes them to the city of Harrowsgode where her grandfather was from originally. But Molly’s quest takes a detour when she discovers that the citizens of Harrowsgode value their privacy and anonymity to the extreme.

The Cup and the Crown is a fantastic sequel with just as much mystery and suspense as before. This highly entertaining story can be enjoyed by middle readers and adults alike. The author’s setting and her characters are rich and fascinating. Full of magic and drama, this fantasy is completely compelling and irresistible. And the story leaves off a bit open ended to leave room for another sequel that readers will be eagerly anticipating.

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