Fantasy Book Review: The Candy Shop War: Arcade Catastrophe

The Candy Shop War: Arcade Catastrophe by Brandon Mull

In The Candy Shop War, friends Nate, Summer, Trevor, and Pigeon met the evil magician Belinda White, whose magical confections enabled the kids to do incredible feats of strength and magic. In the sequel, Nate and his friends meet Mrs. White s brother Mr. White who owns Arcadeland, a local amusement center. At Arcadeland, kids can play games and earn thousands of tickets, which are redeemable for one of four kinds of stamps jets, tanks, subs, and racecars. Could it be true that these stamps allow kids to fly through the air? Or breathe underwater? Or run faster than a car? But Mr. White is hiding a secret: when all four clubs are filled, he will be able to retrieve perhaps the most powerful talisman ever. For Nate and his friends, it will take more than candy to fight and win this war!

Nate, Summer, Trevor, Pigeon, and Lindy are enjoying testing out the magical candy that Mr. Stott creates in his candy shop. Lindy, formerly the evil Mrs. White, is now a young girl with no knowledge of her past. The group of kids are all good natured with a penchant for games and getting into trouble. So this latest adventure is right up their alley.

The secret behind Arcadeland and its true goal is just as exciting as the first Candy Shop War novel. Fast-paced and action-packed, this story is a must-read for young fantasy fans. Mull proves once again why he’s one of my favorite authors. Full of humor, magic, adventure, suspense, and (of course) candy – Arcade Catastrophe is an incredibly fun sequel from beginning to end.

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  1. This looks like an interesting book and I might have to pick it up! I’m finishing up a pretty great book now called “Three Fugitives” by Nat Howler, it’s part of the Six Stones Trilogy. You can check out him and the book on the website Thanks for the review and suggestion!

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