Fantasy Book Review: The Menagerie: Dragon on Trial

The Menagerie: Dragon on Trial by Tui T Sutherland and Kari Sutherland

Zoe Kahn is no stranger to the risks that come with caring for mythical creatures. But even feeding deadly basilisks and tracking down missing griffins didn’t prepare her for the crisis that is unfolding at her family’s Menagerie. The goose who laid the golden eggs has been murdered—and all the evidence points to a dragon named Scratch.

Now that he’s part of the secret Menagerie, Logan Wilde is determined to help. He and Zoe are sure that the dragon is being framed, but unless they can prove he is innocent, Scratch will be executed. Worse yet, the Menagerie will be forced to shut down—which Logan and Zoe are starting to fear is exactly what someone wants.

Zoe, Logan, and Blue take it upon themselves to investigate the disappearance of the goose, since everyone else seems to believe that the dragon is guilty. But if Scratch is found guilty and executed, the next step will be to shut down the Menagerie as well. And with mounting evidence, it’s obvious that someone is trying to get the Menagerie to close. We’re introduced to a new family in this story – of all shapeshifters to various animals from beasts to fowl. Their strong, boisterous personalities are a highlight of the story.

Dragon on Trial is the second installment in The Menagerie trilogy. I have to say, I wish this was a continuing series, rather than just a trilogy. After the end of the Fablehaven series, this is a great addition to children’s fantasy. Fast-paced and full of humor, mystery, and magical creatures – this story is incredibly fun. These funny and vivid characters along with an exciting adventure make for a whimsical tale for any age.