SciFi Book Review: Influx

Influx by Daniel Suarez

Imagine that scientists and researchers have already achieved major technological breakthroughs that could transform billions of lives—but they’ve done so in a world where the open exchange of ideas is viewed as dangerous and major technological advances are carefully managed. All to prevent the social disruption that radically new technologies bring.

Physicist Jon Grady has made an exciting technological advancement when he created a device to reflect gravity. But just when he begins to celebrate, he and his colleagues are attacked. Grady awakens and is given a choice to join the BTC (Bureau of Technology Control), a secret organization responsible for keeping the rest of the world from certain advancements that could lead to dangerous results in the wrong hands. But Grady is disgusted with the BTC and their god-like control and ends up in a horrific prison. But when he is contacted by fellow prisoners, some of the greatest minds of their time develop a plan of escape.

Influx is an exciting high-tech thriller. Science fiction fans will want to pick this one up. Some may stumble through the large amount of technical jargon that I found to be tedious at times. But the story itself is exciting and unpredictable. And the main characters are strong and well-developed. It’s an exciting adventure that builds to a surprising finale with a lot of fun gadgets along the way.

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