Farworld: Water Keep

Farworld: Water Keep, by J. Scott Savage, is the first in an all new fantasy series for youth.

Marcus is an orphan and continually ridiculed by his peers because of his deformity. But even though he is confined to a wheelchair, Marcus isn’t completely helpless. He has special abilities to help him get out of difficult situations. But when a man claiming to know Marcus’ parents comes to the school, Marcus feels something is wrong about the stranger. Meanwhile, on Farworld, a young girl also feels like an outsider on a world where everyone and every creature can perform magic. Kyja is not only unable to do any form of magic; magic doesn’t have any affect on her either. Both were born to change the world, but they must depend upon each other to defeat the evil that threatens them and all of Farworld.

This is a wonderful story of friendship, adventure, and magic. Marcus and Kyja embark on an epic journey to save Farworld. Both have a lot to learn from each other. And they must face a monstrous evil that opposes them. The highlights of the book are the morals throughout – of friendship, helping others without expecting anything in return, that there is something special about each person no matter how ordinary they feel, etc. These messages are great positive influences for the youth that this series is geared towards.

The story is fun and action-packed and laced with humor. The characters are unique and imaginative. Young and old alike will enjoy this epic, quest-style fantasy.

Farworld: Water Keep will be published from Shadow Mountain in September.

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  1. I agree.

    I’m no big fan of the whole “Twilight”/vampire romance thing that’s gotten HUGE of late. Mostly because I’m no big fan of vampires. But a nice, well written, all ages scifi/fantasy is always fun to read.

    Darryl Hughes
    “G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures”

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