Flash Gordon News

SciFi Wire talks more on what’s being updated in the new Flash Gordon remake.

After painfully watching Painkiller Jane, I don’t have high hopes for this newest SciFi Channel show. And I think it’s pretty gutsy to order 22 episodes right away.

“The show will take Ming ‘into more of a kind of Saddam Hussein, dictator type of character and play with some of those themes of control over the masses and propaganda’…”
That right there is the biggest turn-off.

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  1. I almost hesitate to send Jeff over here. Flash Gordon is one of his all time favs. I tend to agree with you, the chances that they are going to screw this up are much higher than them actually doing a good job with it. And the last thing we need is another show pointing to the political climate of today. Please no.

  2. And they’re still hesitating on renewing a quality show like Dresden Files. What are those exec’s smoking?
    USA Channel has more quality shows (and 2 are science fiction) than SciFi does.

  3. I’m not much into Flash Gordon, and I don’t think we get the Dresden Files up here and I am so behind on Battlestar Galactica and I haven’t seen Serenity yet. Those are the two shows I want to catch this summer (by renting!!!)

  4. Considering there has been zero character development, it would be a wonder that anyone get into Painkiller Jane… other than just drooling over the chicks (or guys, in my case).

  5. Some of Sci-Fi’s shows are so good and then others are so awful.

    Have to agree that blurb about Ming is a major turn off. I watch TV to escape not think about the real-world craziness that is already happening.

    Just finished season 5 of the Dead Zone and forgot to tape the beginning of season 6. GRRRRR….

  6. Painkiller Jane really is painful. They’re idiots! What, it’s a shock she might be a Neuro? Where did they think she got her magical healing powers? Argh. So disappointed.

    Oh yeah. Saddam Hussein dictator type and control over the masses. Because that theme went over so well (as the Ori) on the last two seasons of Stargate SG1. The CANCELLED Stargate SG1.

    I’m not surprised they’re dragging their heels over renewing The Dresden Files. Don’t mistake me, I loved it and it was pretty good, but the last episode? Really looked like a series finale.

  7. They better renew Dresden – I thought it was great! Painkiller Jane…not so much. I didn’t watch past the first episode.

    Right now I’m waiting for the SG1 movies to come out. Do you know the date for those, Angela?

  8. Apparently they don’t get that half the fun of Flash Gordon was the unbelievable campiness of it all and Ming was a huge part of that.

    Why do they do things like that?

    Dresden Files was great but not even close to the actual books in casting or plot. And it led me to the books, which I love.


  9. I might be in the minority here, but I’m finally starting to like Painkiller Jane. The first few episodes, not so much. But the last few have been pretty good.

    I’d hate to see them drop The Dresden Files though. I really loved that series!!

  10. Sci-Fi did a great job (IMO) with battlestar…and I’m definitely going to give them chance on this. I always thought it had potential. It just skewed too campy.

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