Fringe Premiers Tonight

I received an early screener of the pilot and was very impressed. If you liked the best parts of X-Files – paranormal mysteries, science fiction, and attractive FBI agents – you’ll definitely enjoy Fringe.

Be sure to tune in to FOX tonight. And let me know what you think!

8 thoughts on “Fringe Premiers Tonight”

  1. One of my favorite things, is the location font grapics across the screen. Very artsy. The show has a decidedly different feel than a regular crime investigate show.

  2. So far all I am hearing are good things about this series. I’m gonna get the DVR programmed myself. I hope this fills the void that The X Files left… 🙂

  3. I’m super excited by this one!! I can’t wait to watch it tonight!!

    I do have HBO, and I think True Blood might be a good one. I haven’t read the books, although I’ve always meant to. But the first episode was pretty good.

  4. Hi, Angela. I enjoyed this new series very much. Very much a cross of The X-Files (with Olivia playing the Fox Mulder role…on FOX), with a dash of Lost, and a hint of…well, just plain spookiness. Love Anna Torv as Oliva, she was terrific. Reminded me a lot of Gillian Anderson.

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