Gaea: Beyond the Son


Gaea: Beyond the Son, by P. D. Gilson, is the launch novel for Helios Publishing.

When the Gaea-02 returns from her first mission in deep space, the crew discovers that the volatile situation on earth has escalated. Earth’s factions are at war, leaving the Gaea-02 no option but to head for the planet that Earth plans to colonize. But one crew member has left a son back on Earth. And Doyle won’t give up until he finds a way back home.

Gaea: Beyond the Son is an exciting tale of heart-pounding action and suspense, and read like a gripping, scifi film. But the characterization doesn’t suffer for it. Short backstories for several of the crew members, give insight and depth to the characters, and help to engage the reader. Even the antagonists were multi-dimensional.

This novel was impossible to put down. With the feel of military scifi and the heart of a space opera, this debut novel has made the list of my favorites for the year. This was more than an impressive new release for a brand-new small press. Helios has set a high standard with a fantastic story and beautiful cover art.
Check out an excerpt here:
And then go find a copy at your local bookstore or Amazon.

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  1. Hi Angela,

    I found your site a while back and have enjoyed the recommendations to wonderful books. This actually looks like one my husband would enjoy :). Thanks.


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