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From Sci Fi Wire:

Ghost Not Quite Ready Yet

Mark Steven Johnson, director of the upcoming Ghost Rider, told SCI FI Wire that he’s still working on the film’s visual effects and editing with only one month to go before its Feb. 14 release. “I literally came from the Sony mixing stage, but I wanted to give a good introduction to the fans,” Johnson said at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles on Jan. 14.

Johnson appeared with one of the movie’s stars, Eva Mendes, to show nine minutes of new footage from the movie, based on the Marvel Comics superhero with a blazing skull and flaming motorcycle. An appreciative audience of about 200 whooped and applauded after seeing the footage.

“I’m still working on it,” Johnson said. “There’s still some rough stuff. There’s some old footage on the Internet with some early effects, and this is a huge step up.”

Still not ready? It releases in a month! I don’t have a good feeling about this one, if they’re constantly feeling the need to tweak it. The release date was already pushed back a month.

Ghost Rider opens February 16th (according to the official site).

Trailer below:

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  1. I don’t have a good feeling about it either and the trailer I saw last night did not impress me much. This is one I won’t be rushing out to see in the theatre…I will be waiting to see what others have to say first.

  2. I was so excited to see the trailer months ago. I kinda cringe to hear they are still messing with it. My son will probably love it no matter what. This is going to be his birthday movie.

  3. I really want this to be a solid production, and I think I may cry if it isn’t up to snuff.

    Nicolas Cage: You owe me after Wicker Man. You owe me big.

  4. I have to say I’ve seen the preview a couple of times and I don’t have high hopes for this one. I’ll have to wait and read some reviews before I go.

  5. I think I saw the trailer long time ago, like a real long time ago because I don’t go to the movies that often. It still hasn’t been released? I don’t think that is a good sign.

    I know in the writing world authors edit and edit and edit, but I think it comes to point how long can you edit something before destroying what excited you about writing it in the first place. I think this may ring true with Ghost Rider.

  6. Wicker Man… hurt… the original (with Christopher Lee) was far superior, and it wasn’t that great. I would be bummed if Ghost Rider stank, but more bummed if say. Iron Man or the new FF bombed 🙂

  7. How bad will this suck? See, that’s the question. No one is even doubting that it’s gonna suck, coming out as it is in the off season, with the director rushing to get his effects done.

    I saw a commercial for HR BLOCK, you know the tax folk. Ghost Rider was featured in the show. The effects…as unimpressive as I remember the comic being. Now think of this: Ghost Rider..HR BLOCK. What the hell. What’s next? IRON MAN in an aluminum siding commercial? Spiderman spinning web for Crazy Ali’s Used Cars???

  8. I was never big into Ghost Rider. And the trailer really didn’t do it for me. The flaming skull looked fake. Of course, I’m sure the visual effects will be 1000x better once released. I mean, you can look at the Kong from the trailer and see that the one that made it into the movie was completely different… better and more realistic even.

    Perhaps there is still some hope.

  9. Stewart – I’ll have to pay attention in Ghost Rider and see how much H&R Block is advertised in the movie. A la Fantastic Four.. when Johny “flame-broils” the BK Whopper billboard.

    Carl – No pressure there! LOL

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