6 thoughts on “Golden Compass Trailer”

  1. Interesting. Based on a book, yes? I haven’t read it, but I might after seeing that trailer (books are always better than the movies).

  2. Now that I think about it, though, I hate Pullman’s worldview and his rantings against Lewis when the Narnia film was out really turned me off and made me reluctant to read his work. I’m going to be torn about this one.

  3. I saw the site a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d read the books and now that I have, I am under whemed by the story line. I think the first one was written at a good pace but the next two get weaker and weaker.

  4. The trailer looks absolutely brilliant and hope the movie is even better!

    As for the books, funnily enough, in order of preference, I enjoyed book 2, book 1 and then book 3, only because I thought the end was a little inconclusive and rather abrupt. But still a good read all of them and I’ll probably reread them prior to watching the movie!

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