Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by J.K. Rowling, is the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series.

Following the tragic events in the previous book, The Half-Blood Prince, Harry, Ron, and Hermoine embark on the quest that Dumbledore gave them. They must hunt down and destroy the remaining horcruxes, the items that Voldemort placed parts of his soul into. They know that this is the only way to defeat Voldemort for good.

This installment is by far the most intense and suspenseful, with no relaxing until the very end. And the final, climactic battle scene was inspiring. I avoided spoilers and all hints about the book, so I’ll avoid any details here. But this was definitely my favorite of the seven books. Besides being so suspenseful, it was extremely emotional and epic.

With many surprises, good and bad, I literally could not put the book down and finished it in less than a day and a half. While I love the movie adaptations, they simply cannot compare to the depth that the books have. I even teared-up at the end. And finished the book with a sigh and a smile. Rowling has created a wonderful classic series that will continue to entertain for years to come.

For those who want to discuss details of the book, please post “SPOILERS AHEAD.” And I’d love to hear your thoughts!

12 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Ya it took me about a day and half to read it to. I don’t speed through it, I do read it and absorb the words I just read fast.

    It’s my favorite by far. The first death after the escape with the beautiful caged thing … I cried. I cried and cried and cried.

    Wonderful, absolutely wonderful book.


    It was great. GREAT! I loved it. I cried though when Dobbie and Fred died and Tonks and Lupin!!! Oh it just broke my heart that finally they were happy and they had a baby and then they die! I just couldn’t believe it.

    It was fantastic! Simply fantastic.


    I didn’t tear-up until Dobby died. Then again near the end when friends started dying and the house elves joined in on the fight. But especially at the end.. when we find out the boy’s middle name.. and that he was named after “the bravest man” that Harry has ever known. I lost it then.


    Ya that whole Severus thing was so beautiful. It explained so much. And Neville finally coming into his own like that.

    I wouldn’t have minded Neville ending up with Luna. I also love Neville’s Grandma finally being proud of Neville and joining in the fray. That was wonderful. I could gush on and on about this book.

    Oh and I love when Mrs. Weasley said “NOT MY DAUGHTER BITCH!” so cool.


    I loved that Harry named his son after Snape too. It was so fitting that in the end he finally understood it all. I cried there as well. But now that I think about it I cried a lot over this one.

    But I want to know what happened to
    Luna! Did she and Neville get together? (and I am so glad that he got to be a hero!) And what happened with her dad?

    I did also really enjoy that we got to see them all later on in life. That they were happy and things had worked out well for everyone. I’ve read online that some think she shouldn’t have included it… but I thought it was great.


    I agree.. It would have been nice to see the Neville and Luna relationship explained at the end too. But I guess she wanted to leave some things to the imagination…

    Did Rowling say if she’d ever do a spin-off series? It’d be fun to see what happens with all the kids, 19 years later.


    Everything I’ve read online says that she is going to take a break for who knows how long. She said that she isn’t sure if she will ever visit Harry Potter’s world again or not.

    Wouldn’t it be great though? To go back and get to see the world from an adult’s eyes? She would mention Hogwarts and we would already know everything about it. I really like the idea.

    Maybe if she gets enough fan mail she’ll write more. But it might be years before she does… if ever.

  8. I hope that just because she and her children are set for life with all the money she’s made, that she’ll continue to write. She has an amazing talent. I’d probably read anything she wrote.

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