Have You Been Watching: Persons Unknown?


NBC’s Answer to Lost?

Persons Unknown, airing Monday nights on NBC (UPDATE: has moved to Saturday night), is a planned 13 episode miniseries. And NBC promises answers will come. The miniseries follows a group of strangers that have been kidnapped and left abandoned in a small ghost town. They cannot leave the town and are under constant surveillance. Why have they been chosen? Why have they been brought to this town? Who is masterminding this operation? And will any of them make it out alive?

Lost’s finale still left behind more questions than answers. So in this miniseries, fans can at least look forward to promised answers. Though these characters aren’t nearly as likeable as ABC’s Lost personalities. These “Persons Unknown” include: Charlie (a man who smothered his dying wife), Bill (a car salesman that makes more enemies than friends), Moira (a sweet, former mental hospital patient), Janet (a single mother), Sgt. Graham McNair (a Muslim with a dark past), Tori (a spoiled ambassador’s daughter), Erika (a violent ex-con), and Joe (a secretive man who has a soft spot for Janet). It’s certainly worth watching in this summer-slump. With the feel of The Prisoner meets Lost. I’m definitely looking forward to finding out the mystery behind this series.

The next episode airs Saturday. But you can catch up on episodes recaps on NBC.com or full episodes on Hulu.com.

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  1. Yes, I’ve been watching. I’m fascinated with this show and I’m dying to know who’s behind it all.

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