Hellgate: London: Goetia

Hellgate: London: Goetia, by Mel Odom, is the second in his Hellgate: London trilogy.

Demons still have control of London, but Simon Cross and the rest of the Templar Knights are fighting back. When an old professor tells Simon of an old book called “Goetia” that could have the power to turn the tide of the war against the demons, Simon and his team find more than they bargained for. The Templars aren’t the only ones after the book. Demonic forces have their eye on it as well.

Goetia picks up a while after the first installment, with even more suspense and heart-pounding action. Like all post-invasion stories, the story is dark and violent. A foe from the last book, Warren, is still being used by a demon, but also begins to discover more power within himself. And he begins to form an alliance with a surprising character. The demons are truly evil, with their own agendas. And the downtrodden humans have to look out for their own best interests, some making questionable compromises. Simon Cross and his group set themselves apart from the rest of the Templars and try to see hope for humanity.

While Goetia has a short-term ending, a mystery still surrounds the book, to be concluded in the last of the trilogy, coming soon. I’m looking forward to more answers and resolutions to the mild cliffhangers. In a thrilling battle of good versus evil, Hellgate: London is an exciting and fast-paced saga that both science fiction and fantasy fans should love.

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  1. The comic series is pretty solid as well. But I’m a sucker for alien/demonic invasion of the Earth and a scrappy band of fighters striving to take back the planet.

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