Heroes Letter Part Deux

Here’s the latest email from 360i On Behalf of NBC:


Another quick heads up on some Heroes materials:

–First off, about the back episodes up on NBC.com: NBC tells me that, instead of offering only that week’s episode through NBC Rewind(http://www.nbc.com/Video/rewind/full_episodes/heroes.shtml) after Chapter 19 airs, they’re going to offer the previous 5 episodes, so that’s even more time to catch up.

–NBC is hosting an interactive alternate-reality game for Heroes on http://www.samantha48616e61.com/, and the latest installment should be going up by the end of the day today. The game involves investigating Primatech Paper and Mr. Bennett, and the URL above is the blog for Hana (the character who can sense the Internet with her mind).

–NBC is also offering for download on their site a “Countdown Clock,” which sits on your desktop and counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Chapter 19 finally airs. You and your readers can pick it up here: http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/downloads/. There’s a version for Mac and Windows, the Windows version requires the Yahoo Widget Engine, the Mac version requires OS X 10.4.

Hope this helps. Keep up the good blogging, and thanks for the links last week! I’m glad you, Theresa and Karen didn’t toss me in the spam folder. 😉


Thanks for the update!

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