Heroes to End Early?

Because of the (insert expletive here) looming writer’s strike, the season finale of Heroes may be on December 3rd!

Check out TV Guide Online’s article: “Heroes Prepping Season Finale!

At first I just rolled my eyes at the strike. Now, this just isn’t cool.

10 thoughts on “Heroes to End Early?”

  1. Heh, I’d probably be more bummed if Heroes wasn’t so sadly awful this season. Can’t fault the writers for getting their fair share, though.

    I’m just looking foward to Dollhouse. 🙂

  2. You know, I never understood how a writer’s strike works. I mean, to be honest, there are thousands of writers out there that would gladly do the job for half the price. I would. Heck, if the Networks came to me and said “look, our writers are going on strike, would you be willing to write for us”, I’d say “heck yes”. And, if they asked me “well don’t you want to know the pay” I’d go, “as long as I can eat and pay the bills I don’t care”. Why? Because I love to write :P.
    So it just doesn’t make sense that it would even work in strike form. I’d think there’d be thousand clambering to take up the now vacant jobs…

  3. Being a writer (granted, on an extremely small scale) I can understand the thinking behind the strike, but as television viewer, I’m miffed!

    Sorry about Heroes, I had trouble getting into it this season. 🙁

  4. I have absolutely no affiliation to anyone in the TV/movie writing industry, but I do see their reasoning for the strike and can’t completely fault them for it. OF course, I watch basically no TV except sports so I’m in a better place to feel sympathy, lol.

    SMD, it has to do with the agreements between union and businesses, why that doesn’t occur. It’s the reason that strikes are effective, in different industries (manufacturing, airline, etc.) because, for the most part, the company is somehow not allowed to hire people not part of the union. And if you’re part of the union, you’re on strike. It’s a complicated headache and one I’m glad I don’t have to deal with.

  5. I can appreciate why the writers would want to go on strike, but like others here I’m so bummed about it. The only bright spot is it would give me a chance to get caught up on some older shows I’ve been meaning to watch.

    I hope it’s resolved soon for everyone’s sake.

  6. I just got into Heroes last week. Bummer.

    It’s too bad that the writers are the least appreciated/compensated in the industry because frankly, they’re the backbone. I’m sorry they’re out – for my sake – but I really hope they get the dollars & recognition that’s long overdue to them.

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