Iron Man: Beneath the Armor

Get a historic look at the millionaire industrialist-turned metal head, Tony Stark, in Iron Man: Beneath the Armor, by Andy Mangels.

With the release of the Iron Man movie this weekend, I was fortunate enough to receive a review copy of Iron Man: Beneath the Armor. From Iron Man’s early beginnings to his current incarnations, Andy Mangels gives a detailed chronicle of the stages of Iron Man throughout the years in comics, cartoon, and film. Colorful images from the original comics accompany this history of Iron Man in all his forms. Interesting tidbits from behind the scenes offer special insight into the creative minds from the writers and artists.

With special sections on character bios, from friends to foes, and an armor gallery, this is a wonderful addition to any Iron Man fan’s collection. And it’s a wonderful way of getting caught up on what’s happened in Tony Stark’s life for those of us who haven’t followed the comics for long.

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