8 thoughts on “Iron Man Opens This Weekend!”

  1. I’m going to try to see it sometime this weekend…
    Thanks, Pete. I tend to forget about Marvel movies adding on those little bits at the end.
    How did you like it?

  2. Going to see it tonight at the 96th Street Galaxy 14….A friend of mine saw it yesterday and told me about the extras….reviews across the board (except for one snooty NY magazine) are calling this one of the top 3 Super Hero movies. At Box Office Prophets website we were talking about it and apparently Faverau has compared casting Downey in Iron Man to the Depp casting in Pirates. In that he knocks it out of the park and is gonna be blazing hot after this movie….will let you know tomorrow what I thought w/o spoilers….

  3. I also saw it tonight, at an AMC theater…doesn’t seem like it was anything special, they just showed it a night early?! (2 8 PM showings and I think some later ones, like 11?)

  4. I thought it was damn good and probably (in my opinion) the best Super Hero movie yet. Make sure to stay for a special scene after the credits.

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