Keeping It Real

Keeping It Real

Keeping It Real, by Justina Robson, is the first novel in the Quantum Gravity series.

In 2015, a quantum bomb exploded in Texas, opening a gateway between separate dimensions. Earth is then known as Otopia. The different dimensions consist of a magical world of fairies and elves (called Alfheim), a demon world, and several others. Lila Black, and agent for the Otopian government, is assigned to protect an elf musician who’s been receiving death threats. But Zal is unlike every elf she’s ever known. And Lila is not completely comfortable in her new body, that is, her new cybernetic self. Lila was nearly killed in a previous mission, and parts of her body were replaced with machines. And Lila isn’t excited to get assigned to this difficult elf, as an elf was the one responsible for her near-fatality.

Deftly fusing science fiction and fantasy, it’s hard to categorize this novel. The magic is vividly portrayed, and the idea of such different and accessible dimensions makes for a truly unique setting. The character of Lila, would make a more interesting Bionic Woman, than the current tv show version. No cardboard cutout characters here.

Keeping It Real is exciting and dramatic, even incorporating an amount of romance and rock and roll. Selling Out, releasing later this month, is the sequel and follows Lila Black’s escapades. Check them both out from PYR and bookstores everywhere.

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