Kirk and Spock Are CoverBoys

Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine

This week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly features Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine , as Spock and Kirk, from the new Star Trek movie. The issue hits newsstands tomorrow, October 17 and also contains photos from the upcoming film! I know I’ll be grabbing a copy tomorrow!
Quinto looks fantastic as Spock. And Pine definitely fits the pretty-boy Kirk persona. I’m more excited than ever to see how this fleshes out!

Here’s the link to the cover story:,,20233502,00.html

From the article:
While Nimoy will be putting on his ears to play a wizened Spock in the new Star Trek, don’t expect a cameo by William Shatner as Captain Kirk. Last month, the 77-year-old actor posted a video on YouTube, complaining about being left behind, and chastising Abrams, even though Shatner’s Kirk died in Star Trek Generations (1994). “I brought him back to life in one of my books, very easily,” Shatner tells Abrams in the video. “I’m just sorry that I’m not in your wonderful movie.”

Abrams has seen the video, of course. “I don’t know how my life has become a thing where William Shatner talks to me through YouTube,” Abrams tells EW. “I was such a huge fan of his, but we wrote a scene for him in the movie and it didn’t feel right. And he said to us—he said publicly—that doing a cameo didn’t interest him. Which I totally appreciate. But we did try.” EW tried to reach Shatner, but he declined to be interviewed. Through a spokesperson he said, “I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to be involved in the Star Trek universe at this point.”

And here is a link to some more stills from the upcoming Trek movie:

5 thoughts on “Kirk and Spock Are CoverBoys”

  1. Thanks for the links. I haven’t been this excited and nervous about a movie ever, the closest thing being LOTR. I can’t wait until my copy of EW arrives tomorrow, I’m reading the story now.

  2. I am a HUGE Shatner fan. But the problem is that Kirk died in Generations and while Shatner did bring him back from the dead, but that would be a massive movie in itself. There is no way to just have him there in a small role and not explain it.

    And no way Shatner would ever do just a cameo….it’s a shame.

    That being said, I cannot wait for the new movie.

  3. This movie doesn’t excite me but I’m not a fan of Star Trek outside the Borg (because they’re just cool). Do you know if they’ve be in this film?

  4. Karen – No, the Borg aren’t that far in the past of the Star Trek continuity. The bad guys in this one will be the Romulans, my personal favorite aliens.

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