Last Night on TV: The Big Bang Theory

I usually don’t watch live TV, but The Big Bang Theory is one that I have to watch the night it’s on. The unique blend of extreme geek culture and quirky humor, make this a show anyone can appreciate. The guys are so smart, yet so socially awkward. Their interactions with Penny, the “normal” one of the group, springboard many fun situations. Last night’s episode “The Panty Piñata Polarization” revolved around Penny and Sheldon (my favorite character on the show). Sheldon has been called the “Spock” of the show. He, unlike the rest of the guys, has no interest in fitting in. And his eccentricities are so bizarre, his rationales bring on headaches. Well, Penny crosses the line a couple times, to Sheldon’s annoyance. Then the two declare war and try to get under each other’s skin, until one of them gives. When Leonard has had enough, he decides to share Sheldon’s kryptonite with Penny in order to end the feud.

Here’s a clip from last night’s episode, where the boys play Klingon Boggle:

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  1. I think Sheldon is everyone’s favorite character. Unfortunately, the writers and/or the producers do, also, which has caused way too many episodes recently to reveolve around Sheldon. A very bad decision, I think, as he should be used sparingly like Exidor on Mork and Mindy.

  2. Ah…Sheldon is becoming the breakout character on the show. Hopefully not to the detriment of the rest of the ensemble.

    And Penny isn’t normal…she’s extraordinary.

    Maybe that girl lives across the hallway from the geeks in LA, but she definitely doesn’t in Dallas, TX. 🙂

    Loved the line last night about Sheldon just being a push or two away from becoming a super villain.

  3. Chris – I can think of several episodes off the top of my head that revolved around the other characters much more. I just prefer the ones that center Sheldon.

    Mark – Penny’s pretty, but slightly dull. But then, I’m a female.
    And that was my favorite line from last night too.

  4. I love this show too- I can’t resist a nerd!

    Personally I’m all about Leonard but it’s the entire cast together that makes the show- wouldn’t be the same minus any one of them, imo!

    (dangit I missed last night’s ep too! Gonna have to catch up online!)

  5. I can think of many that didn’t revolve around Sheldon also. I call it season one. Season one I think centered more on Leonard which, for me, worked better as Sheldon should be used in smaller doses as his character is so over the top it can wear its welcome out. Leonard has been pushed to the foreground in season two, so far. And Sara Gilbert’s character is just plain annoying now.

  6. I wanted to get into this series but I think it comes on at the same time some of my others do and my DVR can only record a couple things at a time. I’ll have to buy the DVDs one day.

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