Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, by James Patterson, is a young adult novel loosely based on the characters from his book When the Wind Blows.

Maximum Ride and her “flock” of friends are on the run. But these aren’t normal children. Max and her group are mutants, humans with part avian DNA. That’s right. They have wings and can fly. And some in the group have extra abilities that they’re just discovering. Max and the rest of the flock are being chased and hunted down by the nefarious Erasers, genetically enhanced boys that can shift into wolf-like creatures. The Erasers work for the “white lab coats” and the school that the flock ran away from. When one of her flock gets captured, Max and the others form a rescue party. But nothing goes as planned. And they’re in for a big shock when they realize that someone they trusted may be just as evil as those they left behind.

Maximum Ride is a wonderful series that both teens and adults will love. The characters of Max and the other children seem like normal, everyday kids, thrown into a harsh environment and problems beyond their control. With plenty of action, adventure, and mystery, this book is even more fun than its adult novel predecessors.


And as a little side note, Rotten Tomatoes has a post on a “Journey through Sci-Fi: 100 Best-Reviewed Sci-Fi Movies.” You may not agree with their list. But someone did a lot of research!

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  1. When the wind blows was that about a Nuclear disaster? I think I remember something about a small cartoon short about that. It was sad, but this sounds a beat more upbeat.

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