Moonstruck, by Susan Grant, is the first in her new scifi/romance Borderlands series.

The war with the Drakken is over. But when Admiral Brit Bandar of the Coalition is offered command of a new ship, she discovers that her second in command is Warleader Finnar Rorkken of the former enemy. Brit won’t trust the Drakken, so how can she work with one, especially one with such a suspicious past?

Brit is a complex woman and leader. She has a lot of baggage from her past and has earned the name “Admiral Stone-Heart.” She has a lot of reasons not to trust Finn, but there is something about him that begins to break away at her hardened heart.

Moonstruck has a wonderful cast of characters, each with their own interesting story. From the elusive Admiral to the mysterious former Imperial Wraith with no memory of his past, Grant is extremely adept at creating characters that pull readers into the story. And I found myself loving the secondary characters almost as much as the main ones, if not more. Enough backstory is given, without slowing down the pace. With even more romance, this latest science fiction tale by Susan Grant, is her hottest yet. But this is also her darkest and most dramatic story, with a stirring, huge twist and a climactic ending.

Moonstruck releases June 1st from HQN Books everywhere.

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  1. MOONSTRUCK was a great read! I definitely enjoyed it. In a few weeks, Admiral Brit Bandar will be making an appearance as a Danger Gal profile on my site.

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