More Details on Indiana Jones IV

From Sci Fi Wire:

George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford have confirmed that a fourth installment in the Indiana Jones franchise is set to begin filming this June, Variety reported. News of the long-awaited sequel film first broke on Dec. 29, as Lucas was preparing to serve as grand marshal of the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day. The script by David Koepp (Spider-Man, War of the Worlds) has been finalized and Paramount is eyeing a worldwide release in 2008, the trade paper reported.

Ford will once again reprise his role as the adventuring archeologist in the next film. The 64-year-old actor assured fans that he is up to the physical demands of the role. “I’m delighted to be back in business with my old friends,” Ford said. “I don’t know if the pants still fit, but I know the hat will.”

Meanwhile, Spielberg, who may direct the film, told the trade paper that he’s pleased with how the script turned out. “We feel that the script was well worth the wait. We hope it delivers everything you’d expect from our history with Indiana Jones,” Spielberg said. “George, Harrison and I are all very excited.”

The third film in the series, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, was released in 1989. The new film doesn’t yet have an official title.

9 thoughts on “More Details on Indiana Jones IV”

  1. Wow, I hope they can make the magic happen again… I’m a little worried that they’re going to screw up something that was nearly perfect (except for parts of Temple of Doom and almost all of Kate Capshaw).

    But then, I was sure they’d screw up The Last Crusade.

  2. Happy to see finally… I saw the article when reading about Lucas’ being the Grand Marshall at the Tournament of Roses Parade (with the Star Wars Spectacular and legion of Stormtroopers 🙂

  3. Interesting that age isn’t a consideration in male stars, whereas it’s not the same for females. Denholm Elliot will be 86. I wonder if he’ll be in the movie?

  4. Cool! Man, I’m getting old. 1989?! I was re-watching Aliens the other day and can’t believe that’s 20 years old already.

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