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This just in from my source, Shankar, promoting NBC shows –

Two items for you today: First, this is freshly uploaded to the Web, not available in any other NBC or Universal Home Entertainment promos. It’s a clip from the visual effects special features, in which visual effects supervisor Mark Kolpack talks about a common bond he and Heroes star Masa Oki share—Oki also worked in special effects before he began his acting career. Check out this new Heroes clip from the Season 1 DVD boxed set on YouTube:


Second, this Web site: EthicalBionics.org, for Bionic Woman. In the tradition of Heroes’ PrimaTechPaper.com, the site is meant to expand the setting of Bionic Woman and give the fans of the show a deeper world to dive into. The site is pretty cool, there’s some stuff there already to explore, and as always with these sites, more to come when the season starts. It’s been on a sort of quiet launch (there were some fliers handed out at Comic-Con, but the site has yet to come to the attention of the general Web public).

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