Netherwood, by Michele Lang

Talia Fortune is the newly appointed sheriff of Netherwood. In the virtual world, she has been forming a relationship with a man who calls himself “Avenger.” But Avenger is also a criminal. And Talia finds herself torn. Should she arrest him? Or could he be right about the danger facing their world?

Netherwood is a fascinating look at a futuristic society where the virtual world has almost completely replaced the real one. Lang has created an incredibly interesting idea, giving the story a dark intensity that makes for a fascinating read. Talia has a great depth, and is faced with ideas that contradict her beliefs and what she has always been told to be true. Laced with romance, this high-tech, futuristic, scifi adventure is full of suspense and danger. Netherwood is a surprisingly creative novel in the gradually-growing science fiction / romance category.

4 thoughts on “Netherwood”

  1. I loved the concept–I mean, a sci-fi Robin Hood scenario? Bring it! But the action moved so very slowly, and none of the characters engaged me as I’d hoped.

  2. Not every book will work for everyone, of course, but I’m just so glad that authors are experimenting with this genre. A flawed book I can read; a nonexistent book I can’t. Tip of the hat to Ms.Lang for taking the plunge!

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