Next Superman Slated for 2009

According to Sci Fi Wire:
The sequel to Superman Returns will likely hit theaters in 2009, executive producer Chris Lee told The Honolulu Advertiser, while the Web site reported a rumor that the sequel’s working title will be Superman: The Man of Steel.

Singer and Peters are in Honolulu this week to celebrate Lee’s birthday and to begin planning the next Superman film, which will likely begin production in the middle of or late next year in a location yet to be determined. Superman Returns was shot in Sydney, Australia.

Singer told the newspaper that he has also been offered the fourth X-Men movie, but said he wouldn’t have time to take on another large-scale project before the next Superman gets underway. He added that he is interested, however, in seeing the script for the proposed X-Men spinoff, Wolverine.

7 thoughts on “Next Superman Slated for 2009”

  1. Is it going to have the same man as superman? I was reading in a movie magazine that he didn’t get paid very much for his role. I still haven’t seen the movie, was he a good superman?

  2. I think the title “Superman Lives” would be more appropriate, after seeing the Daily Planet headlines saying that Superman is dead. They did not show the rest of the world seeing it, just Lois and their son.

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