October Challenge

Sassymonkey issued an October Reading Challenge.
So I figured I’d do this one too, since I just finished the RIP Challenge with the following books:

1. Winter Moon , by Mercedes Lackey, Tanith Lee, and C.E. Murphy
2. The Reluctant Miss Van Helsing , by Minda Webber
3. Death Splits a Hair, by Nancy Bell
4. Magic Street, by Orson Scott Card
5. Everybody Comes to the Nightside (3-in-1), by Simon R. Green

My October reading list will be:
1. The Thirteenth Tale , by Diane Setterfield – Yep, since everyone else is doing it…

2. The Artifact , by Kevin J Anderson – He’s one of my favorite authors, so I’m excited about this one.

3. Nephilim, by L.A. Marzulli – One I’ve started but abandoned.

Bonus Book: I’m also hoping to start Dean and Me: (A Love Story), by Jerry Lewis and James Kaplan.

And I need to get going on some drawings. I’ve slacked off for over a month. Next project is for a friend of mine’s husband (Christmas present), a portrait of Ben Browder from Farscape. And I always get an influx of people asking for portraits and such to give as gifts right before Christmas, so I need to get as many done now as I can. But then, there’s nothing like waiting till the last minute.

5 thoughts on “October Challenge”

  1. I’m starting to feel lazy myself since I am one book yet from finishing my own challenge! To be fair though I have read a few bonus books in the meantime as I’ve been saving Mystery of the Sea for later October.

    I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Thirteenth Tale. That Martin/Lewis book looks interesting as well, I really enjoy their movies.

  2. Ha! I was looking at your gallery the other day thinking how awesome it would be to hire you to do a pencil drawing of my girls! I’ll hit you up at a slower time of year! Your work is phenomenal.

  3. Carl – Yeah, I’m a huge Martin & Lewis fan.. tho more for Martin’s voice. As for 13th Tale.. loving it so far!

    Jules – I’d love to draw your girls! You’ll have to email some good quality head shots, and I’ll work on them when I can.

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