Oh, Happy Day

That’s right. Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig, the best Bond to date (pun intended), releases on DVD today!

Casino Royale (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition) Prices:
Walmart – $15.87
Target – $15.99
Target – $19.99 (Special exclusive, including the book Bond on Set: Filming Casino Royale… If I didn’t have it alread, this is the one I would have gotten. Great deal!)
Amazon – $15.99
Best Buy – $15.99 (Plus, free Aston Martin Toy Car)
Costco – $19.49

14 thoughts on “Oh, Happy Day”

  1. I have to get it at Best Buy so I can get the car. 🙂

    I really loved this one. I have to agree with Daniel is the best one so far. I just hope that he keeps making Bond Films for awhile, it seems like a good role for him. He’s just perfect. 😉

  2. No wonder all the positive comments came from women. I saw this “Bond” movie with several friends from work. At some point after the break, we started wondering if we accidentally re-entered the wrong cinema. Where’s the cool womanizer gone? Did he go to buy some popcorn and forgot to return? At some point it just changes from an action film to a chick movie. We waited for Celine Dion on the closing credits…

  3. Uri – Did you not get that it the movie showed his journey to becoming the Bond that we’re familiar with? He gets his heart stomped on at the end of the movie, and becomes heartless by the last scenes. I have a feeling the next movie will not show so much tenderness from him. And maybe so many female won’t like it as much… But then, as long as it’s starring Daniel Craig, women will watch. LOL

  4. I get it, I get it, but I didn’t pay to see his emotional journey; I paid to see a Bond movie.

    p.s. To be honest, my company (HP-Mercury) paid for the movie ticket.

  5. Uri – I got ya. Well, since they were rebooting the series, I see the need. But hopefully, you’ll like the next one better. And why are you complaining if it was free?! LOL

  6. I totally fell in love with this man after seeing that movie. It is the best Bond ever, movie or actor.

    And the toy Aston Martin is very tempting, thanks for the homework.

  7. angela, I have to completely agree with you. There’s something that’s so very sexy about his ruggedness, and those piercing blue eyes? Fine, take me now. The part I didn’t get was all the hullabaloo about his girlfriend being gorgeous. I didn’t get that at all.

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