Paragaea: A Planetary Romance, by Chris Roberson, is another fantastic adventure.

During a mission into space, Cosmonaut Leena Chirikov stumbles upon a gateway to another world. As soon as Leena lands on Paragaea, she meets companions Hieronymus Bonaventure (from Set the Seas on Fire), and Balam, exiled prince of the jaguar men. Hieronymus (Hero) only seeks adventure and excitement, and Balam accompanies him until he can regain his throne. So when Leena insists that she find a way home to Earth, Hero and Balam agree to assist her.

Hero, himself, is from Earth of the Napoleonic era. Whereas, Leena came from Russia, in the 1960’s. But the natives of Paragaea believe that Earth is just a myth. The gateways between worlds seem random and difficult to find. Pagaraea is a world reminiscent of a fantasy story, with strange Metamen, which have bodies resembling humans but the faces of animals. But this is actually a science fiction adventure, complete with advanced technology and genetics. As the trio’s adventure progresses, they come across other unique and interesting characters, each with their own story.

Paragaea is a wonderful story with the feel of a fantasy, but the heart of a science fiction novel. Though it isn’t necessary to read Set the Seas on Fire, I found it helpful to already have a background on the character of Hero. I found myself loving Paragaea , the story and world, even more. With more swash-buckling action and stronger characters, Roberson is a truly gifted storyteller.

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  1. I really enjoyed “Set the Seas on Fire” by Mr. Roberson. Definitely looking forward to this one and his new book “The Dragon’s Nine Sons” 🙂

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