Pillage is an original fantasy novel for youth, by Obert Skye, author of the popular Leven Thumps series.

Beck Phillips is a troubled teenager with a special gift. When his mother dies suddenly, he finds himself shipped off to an unknown uncle who lives outside a strange village called Kingsplot. But Beck’s family holds a deep, dark secret. Why is the backyard forbidden? Why did they bury the basement? And why do plants seem to act strangely around Beck?

This young adult fantasy had me hooked from beginning to end. The mystery and suspense were enthralling, and the build-up was incredibly engaging. Obert Skye has created a wonderful legend with characters that pull you into the story. He has a real gift of creating suspense. And thankfully, the reveal was just as exciting. One of my favorite details was the addition of pages from a mysterious family book that Beck stumbles upon, which precede each chapter. We get glimpses of the family secret as the story unfolds.

Pillage is a wonderful book for all ages containing a fun mystery, adventure, interesting characters, magic, surprises, a climactic battle, and a moral about the negative aspects of greed. Don’t miss this one.

Pillage releases from Shadow Mountain Press on July 1st.

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