Rogue Angel: Provenance

Rogue Angel: Provenance, by “Alex Archer”

While accompanying Garin on a cruise, the ship is suddenly attacked. And Annja must use her unique abilities and gifts to overcome her captors. When she returns home, she faces a more personal attack. But the assailants disappear mysteriously. When a man who wishes to hire Annja and take advantage of her gifts, he admits to being the man who arranged the personal ambush. But Annja is intrigued about his missing artifact and decides to investigate regardless.

This installment has plenty of action and adventure in many different lands. Annja must make some tough judgment calls. Who is the rightful owner? Several factions claim it. Annja is willing to track it. But who should she surrender the artifact to when she finds it? The artifact in question is shrouded in mystery, and we never do find out anything about it. Which is my main complaint. But we do get to know Annja better on the relationship front, her struggles and hesitation because of her travels and danger in her life.

Even though it includes deeper issues of relationships and politics, this is a fun and exciting installment in the popular Rogue Angel series.

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