Poltergeist, by Kat Richardson, is the sequel to Greywalker.

Private Investigator, Harper Blaine has been hired to investigate a psychological experiment where the participants have supposedly created a poltergeist. With just the power of their minds. Since the phenomena have been suspiciously over-the-top, Dr. Tuckman believes that one of the participants is somehow tampering with the equipment and somehow fabricating the phenomena. But when a student is maliciously murdered, Harper discovers that each one of the participants have secrets, as well as Tuckman. And one of them is a psychopathic killer.

While I’m not really interested in the paranormal, Richardson is a truly talented writer that pulls me into the story. Each of the characters is unique and fun. Some of my favorites from Greywalker are back, and Harper’s long-distance relationship becomes predictably strained.

Of course, when a story involved poltergeist and unexplained phenomena, the story is going to be suspenseful. But I think I would have enjoyed this book even if it just revolved around the character interaction. From Harper’s reaction to a rambunctious child to her dealings with the vampire Carlos, whether I can relate or not, I’m hooked.

10 thoughts on “Poltergeist”

  1. I’m hoping to get a gift card for the book store for my birthday today. I have so many books on my To Buy list it’s huge!! I’ll have to add this, it sounds like my type of paranormal.

  2. I picked up ‘Greywalker’ but I couldn’t get into it… maybe I’ll have to give it another shot. I’ve still got it in the TBR stack. I really like the covers for these books. Do you know how many there are going to be?

  3. I just started this one the other day for the R.I.P. Challenge. Can’t wait to get into it more. I really enjoyed the first one and expect more of the same for Poltergeist.

  4. Yeah, I only read the first Saintcrow book and thought it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t overwhelming me either. I do think I go through phases where I just get burnt out and need to read somthing different.

  5. SQT – I agree. I need to constantly rotate genres, or I guess it’d be subgenres.. I don’t want to get burned out on too much of a good thing. lol

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