Premier Week Thoughts

So I finally caught up on all of my premiers this week:

Chuck – Cute, funny, and plenty of promise.
UPDATE: is holding a Chuck giveaway! Check it out!

Heroes – A bit confusing, but what else is new? And Peter’s back.. that’s all I care about!

Journeyman – Snore. I’ll still give a few more episodes to redeem itself though.

Reaper – A bit funny, but not of enough interest to me to keep watching.

Bionic Woman – Dark and exciting. I’m hoping this one gets better character development, if it’s to go anywhere.

The Office – Spectacular in every way.

Smallville – Supergirl gets major billing along with the rest of the main cast. And she didn’t even have to say a word in this episode. There seemed to be way too much going on to fit into one hour-long episode. Bizzaro was defeated a little too easily.

Stargate: Atlantis – Jewel Stait is the new Doc! She was great. And continuing from last season’s cliffhanger, Atlantis just keeps getting more exciting! Still my favorite show.

Moonlight – Surprisingly fun. Vamp, Mick St. John has a sense of humor. And I enjoyed his character more than I thought I would. It’s no Blood Ties, but I’m looking forward to see where this one goes.

What were your favorites?
Which were disappointments?

18 thoughts on “Premier Week Thoughts”

  1. Well of course I love having Heroes back and I’m with you, “YEAH Peter’s back!”

    I liked journeyman because it reminded my of Quantum Leap which i LOVED! Although Journeyman takes itself way more serious!

    Didn’t really watch CHuck.

    Love the BW and am looking forward to seeing where it goes as well OH and Life, afterwards was good too!

    I thought reaper was kinda fun but it does to have the potential to flounder so we’ll see.

    Smallville? Dang Lana’s still alive??!! ugh. Although I knew she would be. I still had hopes.

    As far as supergirl, I couldnt’ figure out if it was Supergirl or Wonder Woman what with the cuffs and all but I guess Wonder Woman doesn’t fly without her invisible jet AND they couldn’t go that far away from the WW series and make her blond!

    Oh and I’m looking forward to the return of Supernatural on thursday!

  2. I enjoyed Chuck and Reaper and loved Bionic Woman. Journeyman was ok. I’m withholding judgment for a little bit. I love the main actor, so I’m giving it a shot. Moonlight is on our DVR but we haven’t watched it yet.

  3. Chuck was surprisingly good- it’s advertised as something completely different than what it turned out to be.

    Heroes holds a lot of promise if they keep delving into the mythology stuff (the previous generation of super-powered people, the shadowy organizations, etc) but scattering all of them around again may be a mistake. However, Hiro is still awesome, even in ancient Japan: “Oh no. I broke history.”

    Journeymen holds promise, I think. I like that it’s a mysterious process with its own rules, which keeps it from being totally Quantum Leap.

    Bionic Women was totally disappointing to me. Everything about it was cliche. I like the idea that science is way far advanced but kept from the public (like Planetary) but none of the characters in it made me care why, nor did it seem like that would be a focus.

    Still looking forward to Pushing Daisies.

  4. I caught up on Chuck with my co-worker and am gonna give it a shot tonight …

    yeah I want to catch pushing daisies as well!

    As far as the BW, I know at least one other person who felt the same way as Dave. Plus I’ve been hearing rumors of alot in-fighting within the production. Could be a short-lived show.

  5. I too enjoyed “Chuck,” as I love Adam Baldwin, and he so rocked in the pilot.

    I wasn’t impressed at all with “Bionic Woman” (boring), “Journeyman” (really boring) or “Moonlight” (really, really boring).

    Been there, done that, wore the t-shirt(s), and I use them to wash the car the now.

    Stargate Atlantis was terrific. Dr. Zelenka was amazing, and I’m looking forward to having Sam Carter on the series this season.


  6. I STILL haven’t watched Chuck yet (Tivo). Heroes was really good. Started out as weird as last year! I was surprised by the Bionic Woman. I didn’t think I would like it. I didn’t really like her all that much, but the story was pretty good!

    I LOVED Moonlight, but I have a soft spot for hot vampires!!

    The Office. What can you say? Funniest show ever! Rabies!! What a riot!!

    I didn’t watch your other shows….LOVED Dexter. Still have a few taped shows to watch. Damn. Too many good TV shows!

  7. I thought BW had potential. They better improve the writing. Too many dumb lines during the fight scene. Silence is golden during fight scenes IMO. Especially early on in a shows development. I always think about The Phantom Menace and how the fight with Darth Maul had no dialog at all and it was excellent.

    The other problem with the fight scene was that it seemed too gratuitous. I didn’t see the point other than to showcase powers, which doesn’t quite do it for me.

    Having said that, if the next few shows have better dialog and fight scenes that make sense it stands a chance to make it.

    I quit watching Smallville early last year. I don’t care to come back unless they kill off Lana.

  8. James – I’m with you. I actually fast forwarded the super-long fight scene.

    Lana killed herself off on Smallville.. at least as everyone else is concerned. Unfortunately, she’s just overseas and could come back anytime.

    Katie – Most are available online at least!

  9. I loved Chuck, and although Bionic Woman had that feel of “I’m a pilot and still trying to gel,” I think it’ll come together solidly. Sadly the DVR refused to record reaper or the atlantis premiere despite my having set both up. I’d like to have a harsh word or three with comcast…

  10. Smallville is #1 on my list. Then comes Heroes and Lincoln Heights. And I totally agree with you on Chuck, it looks quite promising.

    Still to come…Friday Night Lights. I can’t wait to see the premeire for that.

  11. I caught the 1st episode of Chuck and really liked it. I missed the 1st run showing of the 2nd ep… I will try to catch a rerun of it tonight.

    The 2nd ep of Bionic Woman improved on the pilot. The mentor/student relationship between Jonas (Miguel Ferrer) and Jamie (Michelle Ryan) shows lots of promise.

    I thought that Pushing Daisies was really well done… it has a Tim Burtonesque feel to it. The narration by Jim Dale is a nice touch. I think it will be one of those shows that runs for 3 or 4 years or doesn’t make it beyond the 1st season.

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