Project U.L.F.

Stuart Clark kindly offered an advanced copy of his new book, Project U.L.F., for me to review.

Books like this simply validate my love of science fiction. Not only are his characters realistic and interesting, but the storyline is extremely engaging. From the time I first sat down to read, straight through to the end, I was captivated.

Wyatt Dorren heads Project U.L.F. (Unidentified Life Form) for the Interplanetary Zoological Park. In the past, he has been a trapper, visiting various planets and collecting different species of extraterrestrial life to bring back to the zoo. So, when he is offered to lead another mission of the same, which he thinks will be good for promoting the zoo, he agrees. But, unbeknownst to Wyatt, the Douglas Mannheim has other plans for this “routine” mission. The disreputable Mannheim is the manager of the zoo, and feels threatened by Wyatt. So, he assembles a special team for Wyatt and sends them on a one-way trip to a planet from which no one has returned.

Mannheim isn’t the only one with an ulterior motive. And the planet is much more dangerous than anyone imagines. With deadly creatures around every corner, not everyone will survive this nightmare.

Comparable to tense, science fiction movies such as Alien and Pitch Black, Project U.L.F. is a guaranteed non-stop, heart-pounding thriller. At the end of each chapter, I felt like I could finally exhale in relief. Cleverly written from different points of view (and sometimes of the aliens themselves), only added to the suspense. Clark’s vivid depiction of the deadly planet and imaginative creatures brought the book to life. I’ll be looking forward to more works from this new author.

Project U.L.F. will be available February 28th from Amazon, and is now available for preorder. It’s also available now direct from Silver Leaf Books.

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  1. Another one to add to my list. I still need to order the Dresdin books. I’m really starting to get into the TV show, and would love to read where it all started.

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