Quest for the Trilogy

The Quest for the Trilogy is the fourth novel in Mel Odom’s Rover fantasy series.

Wick has disappeared off on another adventure, and the wizard Craugh has again enlisted newly-appointed Grandmagister Juhg for help. Wick left behind a trilogy of books that describe a previous adventure where he searched for legendary treasure. Left incomplete, Juhg must now take up the quest to find the trilogy and follow Wick’s trail to the treasure and the truth about the traitor of a famous battle.

This story focuses mainly on the past adventures of Wick and also shows the beginnings of his friendship with Craugh. While Wick is cowardly and seemingly-dimwitted at times, he also has moments of heroism and a great deal of book knowledge that gets him out of sticky situations.

With lovable characters, swash-buckling action, and light-hearted humor, The Quest for the Trilogy is another fantastic installment in this fantasy series. Each new addition becomes my favorite in the series!

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