Friday Links

Read the first chapter of Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague online:

Also, author of the Fablehaven books, Brandon Mull, started his own website and is now blogging at:

New scifi romance author KS Augustin has started a podcast called “Radio Free Bliss“. Each podcast contains an interview with a scifi, fantasy, horror, or romance author. And sometimes these overlap. Augustin has just released an interview with satirical speculative fiction writer, Sue Lange.
Check it out here:

And for the “die hard” Trek fans: Star Trek Urns:

Wizards Of Ur: Heavy Metal Magazine artist A.P. Furtado and fellow leaders in the fantasy webcomics field: Nate Piekos, James V. West, and Chuck Whelon have decided to combine forces and start a new sketch blog for all fans of old-school, D&D inspired, cartoon fantasy comics. They’ve pledged to provide readers with regular helpings of that mouth-watering, sci-fi/fantasy goodness they love, by frequently posting┬átheir latest and greatest art, sketches, comics pages, and more.
Come and check it out now at:

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