Cybermancy, by Kelly McCullough, is second in the science fiction/fantasy Ravirn series.

Ravirn has decided to travel through Hades to bring back his girlfriend’s webgoblin. But all does not go according to plan. And when the webgoblin returns, she is not the same as before.

Picking up where WebMage left off, Ravirn has been renamed “Raven,” which he hates. But along with the name, Ravirn discovers that he has come into new power as well. And as if it weren’t hard enough figuring out why the mweb as disappeared, with blame pointing to him; Ravirn also has to deal with his girlfriend’s indecision in their relationship. The guy goes to Hades for you, and you have to think about it? Personally, I think he should have dumped her and not looked back.

Again, fusing Greek mythology and science fiction, this unique subgenre keeps up all of the fast-paced adventure as before. Ravirn is an expert hacker and web mage, and is just discovering what his new name means. Along with his trusty sidekick and webgoblin, Ravirn and Melchior must face the mythical Furies and Hades itself. Infused with plenty of humor, this series is a lot of fun with many unique and entertaining characters.

And look for the 3rd installment, CodeSpell in bookstores this May.

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