Red-Headed Stepchild

Red-Headed Stepchild

Red-Headed Stepchild, by Jaye Wells, is the first in an all new urban fantasy series.

Sabina Kane is a professional assassin for a powerful vampire sect. But she is only half vampire, a fact that has been a burden for Sabina her entire life. And when a mage approaches her with information about her mage family, Sabina finds herself torn between the life she knows and betrayal. Her latest mission is to infiltrate a cult and assassinate its founder. But Sabina soon becomes caught up in more than she can handle in a battle among the races. But she isn’t sure which side she should choose.

Jaye Wells has created an amazing new urban fantasy world of vampires, mages, fairies, and more, all descendants of the fabled Lilith. Sabina Kane’s mother was a vampire and father was a mage, her origins steeped in lies and betrayal. When forced to kill her friend for betraying her race, she still begrudgingly obeys. But there is more to Sabina than just being a killer. She’s complex and doesn’t always make the right decisions, but throughout the story, we begin to see a change in her and the way she views others around her.

Red-Headed Stepchild is action-packed suspense at its best. And urban fantasy doesn’t get much better than this. Steeped in mystery, intrigue, and magic, this debut is one of the best I’ve read in months. Jaye Wells is a promising new talent.

Red-Headed Stepchild releases from Orbit Books March 31, 2009.

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