A big thanks to Chris Dolley for a copy of his debut novel, Resonance.

On the surface, there is nothing special about Graham Smith. He has always worked the same, boring delivery job. He lives in the same place that he was raised. He pretty much keeps to himself and never talks. But his mundane, routine life is the only thing that keeps Graham sane. Ever since Graham can remember, the world around him has been unraveling and changing. Belongings move from disappear and reappear randomly. People that are supposed to be dead are alive the next day.

Annalise Mercado hears voices in her head. And they all call themselves Annalise. When she meets up with Graham, trying to save his life, the two of them must uncover the truth behind the Resonance wave and the seemingly endless multiple realities.

While at first, the size of the book was a bit intimidating, it didn’t take long to get pulled into the book. And surprisingly, I got through it pretty quickly. The story starts out strong, with plenty of building suspense. More and more questions arise, while theories start forming about what is going on. Graham is confronted with intense and ever-changing situations and characters, with Annalise as his only confidant.

I thoroughly enjoyed this science fiction adventure, and look forward to Dolley’s next book on my reading list: Shift.

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