Review: Marvel Dog Toys and Apparel from PetSmart

As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure they are always happy and healthy. This means looking at the ultimate pet nutrition reviews to ensure you’re buying the right type of food for your dog, gifting them toys that can keep them entertained while you’re out the house, and walking them every day so they keep fit. Now, some people would argue that buying your dog cute outfits and dressing them up for special occasions isn’t one of the “essentials” that a dog owner must do — but I disagree! To me it is as important as checking the Nutra Thrive reviews and other ones online to make sure you’re feeding them the very best meals you can! Anyway, this is why I was so excited to hear that Marvel had teamed up with PetSmart.

As reported before, from now until April 22nd, PetSmart is selling exclusive Marvel dog toys and apparel! These are a must for any dog-loving Marvel fan! A perfect little gift to help reward them for taking their meds for dog insomnia, for being well behaved, or just for being a precious bundle of joy!

Well, my lucky pup Lois Lane was able to test-drive some sample products, thanks to PetSmart. Granted, Lois Lane is a DC gal, but the shirt she received was incredibly appropriate.

Lois Lane is modeling a size Large shirt, which should fit her sturdy, barrel-chested 30lb frame (and quite a bit of extra skin thanks to her Shar Pei side), but as you can see it’s a bit snug. So the sizes run a bit smaller than usual.

Now for Lois Lane’s favorite thing… a squeaky toy. In this case, Spider-Man. Lane has hunted spiders in the past, but this is the first one I allow her to carry around in her mouth.

And as you can see from some short video clips, she went at Spider-Man with gusto.

Is this a pre-cursor to a DC/Marvel war?

But as it turns out, Lois Lane is gentle at heart. And she finished playing without tearing Spider-Man apart. The squeaky toy is surprisingly durable and well-made.

They even spent some time cuddling afterwards.

… Until a sneak attack that night…

Since these were a hit, I’ll definitely be hitting PetSmart to grab some bandannas and more toys. You can find pet toy deals at, so you’re fury friend can enjoy cuddling a spider man toy too!

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