Rogue Angel: The Chosen

Rogue Angel: The Chosen, by “Alex Archer” (supposedly, Victor Milan, this month) was another exciting installment. The Chosen certainly didn’t lack for action. There was plenty of fighting and swordplay.

Creed is a part-time archeologist, part-time host of a tv show called Chasing History’s Monsters, and full-time adventurer.

This is the forth book in the Rogue Angel series. This time, Annja goes in search of a mystery surrounding the Santo Nino (Holy Child) sightings, in New Mexico. While on a dig, Annja herself, sees an eerie beast with red eyes that sends her on the quest to seek out an explanation for these strange sightings. Along her journey, she encounters a dangerous and lethal Jesuit priest. But is he a friend or foe?

With plenty of action and suspense, these books are quickly becoming a staple in my library. I read them as soon as I get them. And eHarlequin always releases them a month early!

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10 thoughts on “Rogue Angel: The Chosen”

  1. Of course I cannot read this but am glad that you enjoyed it! Its nice to see a series that you enjoy continue on and it appears that these novels come out fairly regularly. What is the wait between books?

  2. You can’t read it? I don’t put any spoilers in.
    The books come out every other month.. rotating authors each time. And, thankfully, you don’t have to read them in order either.. after the first one, that is.

  3. I’ve never read these, though they sound interesting. Have you ever read Charlaine Harris? I’m reading Definitely Dead right now. I just love her Southern Vampire novels. They’re so funny and well done.

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