Room 59: Out of Time

Room 59: Out of Time, by Cliff Ryder, is the 2nd installment in this new adventure series by Gold Eagle.

Room 59 is a top secret, unsanctioned, international agency that acts independently of any one country’s government, and is responsible for eliminating global threats.

During a routine mission, Alex Tempest, the Chameleon, realizes that something strange is happening to him. A doctor tells Alex that he has a degenerative disease that will soon have him out of commission. But Alex decides to put off retirement for one last job.

This is a heart-pounding, action-packed thriller. And as a stand-alone novel, the previous book does not need to be read. Each Room 59 story incorporates different missions involving unique characters. As a gritty, spy novel, Out of Time includes espionage, intrigue, and plenty of danger. Alex is not only up against outside enemies, but his own body begins to turn on him. He’s in a race against the clock. And the intensity doesn’t let up through the entire book.

Room 59: Out of Time releases April 8th.


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  1. SQT – Not in the previous installment. But in this one, Alex’s wife is researching a type of nanotechnology. So, there is a bit of a scifi angle to this story.

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