Room 59: The Powers That Be

Room 59

Room 59: The Powers That Be, written by pseudonym “Cliff Ryder” is the first in an all new series by Gold Eagle Books!

Room 59 is a top secret, unsanctioned, international agency that acts independently of any one country’s government, and is responsible for eliminating global threats.

In this first installment, Room 59 sends a team to Cuba to investigate the disappearance of one of their contacts. But the one of the members of the team has a secret, tied to a past experience in Cuba. His emotions may jeopardize the mission, resulting in incredible casualties.

This is an exciting and action-packed debut, full of adventure and intrigue. Lovers of classic spy novels, such as James Bond, will enjoy the high level espionage and suspense. Rather than focusing on in-depth character development, this fast-paced, complex story takes precedence. But the characters are definitely interesting and believable enough to help make this gripping debut come alive.

Look for the next installment in the Room 59 series – Out of Time – this spring.

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